Concrete Contractor in Wilmington

Another client of ours that we have been able to help is Wilmington Concrete Contractors. The owner of this company came to us needing help in getting more customers to call. During the housing boom that Wilmington was experiencing finding work was not a problem at all but then word of mouth advertising began to slow down and they were faced with laying off some of their workers. We got right to work rebuilding their website and working with their designers to make the phone start ringing again. Some of the content we wrote for them is below.

Are you in need of concrete or cement work in Port City area? As the best concrete contractor in Wilmington we provide both commercial and residential services. This includes concrete driveways, foundations, sidewalks, boat ramps and many other of your masonry needs. Concrete is one of the strongest materials and its use dates back to Roman times. The romans used this material to build an empire that lasted for thousands of years and that is what we want out of the structures that we will be making for you.

Our process starts when you contact us and our estimator will come out to the site for an evaluation of the work that needs to be done. If you have an engineering drawing or blueprint specifying what type of pour you are going to need please provide this in advance and we can potentially give an estimate without having to visit the site. This type of print will define how thick the pad needs to be and if any reinforcement such as re-bar will be needed. It also defines what type of site preparation needs to be done. This can include digging the soil out and using tamping or compacting equipment such as a roller to compact the soil beneath the cement. It can even include a layer of gravel to be a base for the pad to sit on. All of these are important factors to consider when estimating the scope of work. Some contractors will cut corners in the preparation stages to keep costs low so they can bid and the be the cheapest. While this technique may get them jobs in the short term we want to be around for years and stand behind all of our work so you know you will be getting a quality job.

After the base is prepped we will begin the pouring process. We only work with the top concrete plants in the area to ensure that a consistent mixture is being used for each job that we need. Sometimes special mixtures are needed for different desired properties of the end product and when this is the case our relationships with the plants make sure that we get exactly what is specified for your job. Some areas require more compressive strength while others will need to have some flexibility to resist cracking. The more of a load that will be placed on the surface will mean the thicker the pour will need to be. The thicker the pour the longer it takes for the surface to cure and be able to handle the load that will be applied. We have had some foundations that have taken months to cure because of how much material was used during the pouring process. One thing is sure though and that is that the foundation will not be going anywhere for decades and centuries to come.

We hope that you will consider Wilmington Concrete Contractors for any of your future concrete needs!

We helped a We Buy Houses Company in Wilmington, NC

One of our marketing services includes creating websites and managing search engine optimization for our clients. One such client that we just recently assisted in improving their online prescence is Cash House Buyers of Wilmington. They are a local company that provides services similar to that of nationwide We Buy Houses companies which offer homeowners quick and fast home sales.

We were able to help this client define what type of customers they were trying to acquire and create a plan around how these people would find them. Below are a few of the reason’s we identified someone would be searching for this client and the content we used on their site:

  • Inherited Property – Sometimes even if something is given to you it’s not free. If you are wondering how this is possible you have never had someone’s else house passed down to you. If you are lucky the property was not left vacant. If the house was kept in liveable condition when you received it you could potentially do a standard real estate listing and sell it without it costing you anything. However most of these properties are left needing updates and repairs which you must pay for out of pocket before selling. When you don’t have the funds to make these repairs we can offer a quick sale that places cash in your pocket so you can move on without any further hassles.
  • Facing Foreclosure – Most people consider this to be the number one reason someone would want to sell their home for cash. You have been making payments on the house for years but life suddenly happened and now you can no longer keep up with the payments. This could be due to medical bills, loss of job, or a multitude of reasons. However this happened don’t let the weight of a foreclosure hang over your head for the rest of your life. It will stain your credit report and keep you from being able to qualify for other loans such as auto, personal, credit cards, and even another mortgage. Before the bank forecloses on your house call us so we can buyout the loan and keep your credit from being harmed!
  • Selling the Property Fast – The carrying costs of owning a home are substantial! Maybe you’ve tried listing your home for sale already and it just wouldn’t sell. You could have to relocate and can’t afford two mortgages. Whatever the reason know that when you deal with us we close the majority of our deals in less than one month and even as little as one week. This gets cash in your account quicker and keeps you from spending money on a property every month that your not even using.
  • Rental Property Buyout – Another client of ours has been landlords that have tenants that are bad renters or those who want to move on to the next project quickly. In these cases we buy the property from the landlord and deal with the tenants all without them having to go through any legal proceedings. They are able to take the cash from the sale and reinvest it in new properties that will generate them more money.
  • Divorce – Divorces are a tough time for everyone. The only thing more stressful than custody of children is determining what will be done with the home/house. The longer the process goes the more you have to pay in lawyer fees so let us save you the hassle and give you a fair cash offer that can get divided between you and your spouse quickly and easily.

If something like this seems like what you will need for one of your websites reach out to us and let us know how we can help!

Post Created for the Most Professional Towing Service in Greenville, NC

We have worked with clients from many different service and product industries. A post we created for a towing client in Greenville is outlined below. If you are in need of this type of service contact us today.

Ask yourself what qualities constitute a wrecker or towing service in Greenville, NC calling themselves professional instead of being just a person with a vehicle that is capable of pulling items.

Confess: when you think of requiring a pulling service enters your brain, the initial picture that stands out into your account is most likely concerning those towing services of yesteryear where some guy turns up with a rustic, run-down truck with a tow cable and winch. This person then begins to pull your all-new vehicle with a chain or tow rope – as he tells you, “No ma’am, I’m sorry but I just can’t take you anywhere tonight or pull your car out. That’ll be $75 for the service call though.”

While “wrecker solutions” have progressed since those days, there are still multiple reasons you want to steer clear of un-professional towing companies:

  • Ridiculously high costs.
  • Aversion to helping you get where you need to go as soon as they connect your car or place it on their flatbed. Call family or friends? Call a cab? Not necessarily practical choices when every person works during the day, or your low on cash and can’t pay for a taxi ride.
  • Unpleasant service: Most tow companies can finish the job, but is their attitude like you simply interfered with their day when you are the one that was aggravated most?
  • Slow, slower, and prolonged action times.
  • In-experience in your unique scenario and the type of service or tow vehicle you need.

Being an expert wrecker solution constitutes more than a capability to hook up a car and pull it away. It involves experience as well as expertise to steer in challenging, dangerous problems while grabbing an automobile.

Likewise, it takes the capacity to soothe a motorist and keep them calm during a particularly challenging life occasion such as that of an automobile crash. Or to pay attention to a currently angry motorist that dislikes their vehicle for causing them to miss their trip, late for a vital conference, or just developing the sudden trouble.

Here at Greenville Towing Pro’s we have the knowledgeable team, the experience, and also caring attitude to assist in not making the scenario worse. If you assume expertise in the Towing Service business is not that huge of an offer, try one of of our competitors in Greenville, NC. You will also understand what we are discussing: yet who wishes to find out the hard way?

Knowing that Greenville Towing Pro’s will undoubtedly deal with absolutely every little thing when you require roadside support, your necessary vehicle to a repair shop, or simply taking care of a flat tire, is comfort. This is what truly separates the expert towing businesses from the amature towing service in Greenville, NC. It resembles a “handyman” compared to a woodworker. While one can simply get the job done, but the carpenter is a proficient artisan with professional customer service. Think About Greenville Towing Pro’s as the skilled craftsmen in the towing sector.

Top Marketing Firm is Back!

As HiHype we were known for our webdesign and UX platforms. While we took a break our team has now come back stronger than ever. We have re-branded ourselves as Local Top Three Marketing with a renewed focus on helping local business beat their competition and always remain in the local top three of their community. We bring with us years of experience in the digital field and with the break we took a invigorating energy to help businesses get the most out of their online presence.

While we still offer the website design that we were known for a HiHype, we have added to it services such as:

  • Call Tracking
  • Lead Generation Service
  • PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Business Consulting
  • and many more

Regardless of what service you need to grow your business online we can provide a solution to get you ranking where you want to be. Grow your customer base with us and continue moving forward as we place you in the Local Top Three!

Are you asking yourself what happened to us?

Let us help explain. As things begin to change at the office we decided it was better for everyone to take a break. During this time we lost our domain name. The previous owner did not want to sell and we couldn’t stand waiting anymore so we completely rebranded ourselves and started a new website.

We just found out that our old domain was available and jumped at the opportunity to have it again so we purchased it the first chance we had. We couldn’t believe that we had the opportunity to own it again and were puzzled about what the best option to do would be. Do we go back to our old name after years of building a new brand? Should we do a redirect and send traffic directly to our new site? These were just a couple of the questions we began to ask ourselves.

In regards to going back to our old name we did not feel like that was a good option as our group had put years of work into building our new brand and did not want to waste that effort. When we discussed doing a redirect one of the aspects we considered was that since we had lost control of the domain for a period of time there could be people searching for and come to our new site and immediately leave. We did not want this to happen either.

What we settled on was publishing our old website with information about what our new site did and a link to the new site. This way if people came to the old site they could decide move on to our new site or leave.

We also decided as a way to hopefully attract your attention that we will post some of the success stories of our clients we have helped at Local Top Three. If you would like to have this same level of success contact us through our new site. We look forward to hearing from you soon!