We helped a We Buy Houses Company in Wilmington, NC

One of our marketing services includes creating websites and managing search engine optimization for our clients. One such client that we just recently assisted in improving their online prescence is Cash House Buyers of Wilmington. They are a local company that provides services similar to that of nationwide We Buy Houses companies which offer homeowners quick and fast home sales.

We were able to help this client define what type of customers they were trying to acquire and create a plan around how these people would find them. Below are a few of the reason’s we identified someone would be searching for this client and the content we used on their site:

  • Inherited Property – Sometimes even if something is given to you it’s not free. If you are wondering how this is possible you have never had someone’s else house passed down to you. If you are lucky the property was not left vacant. If the house was kept in liveable condition when you received it you could potentially do a standard real estate listing and sell it without it costing you anything. However most of these properties are left needing updates and repairs which you must pay for out of pocket before selling. When you don’t have the funds to make these repairs we can offer a quick sale that places cash in your pocket so you can move on without any further hassles.
  • Facing Foreclosure – Most people consider this to be the number one reason someone would want to sell their home for cash. You have been making payments on the house for years but life suddenly happened and now you can no longer keep up with the payments. This could be due to medical bills, loss of job, or a multitude of reasons. However this happened don’t let the weight of a foreclosure hang over your head for the rest of your life. It will stain your credit report and keep you from being able to qualify for other loans such as auto, personal, credit cards, and even another mortgage. Before the bank forecloses on your house call us so we can buyout the loan and keep your credit from being harmed!
  • Selling the Property Fast – The carrying costs of owning a home are substantial! Maybe you’ve tried listing your home for sale already and it just wouldn’t sell. You could have to relocate and can’t afford two mortgages. Whatever the reason know that when you deal with us we close the majority of our deals in less than one month and even as little as one week. This gets cash in your account quicker and keeps you from spending money on a property every month that your not even using.
  • Rental Property Buyout – Another client of ours has been landlords that have tenants that are bad renters or those who want to move on to the next project quickly. In these cases we buy the property from the landlord and deal with the tenants all without them having to go through any legal proceedings. They are able to take the cash from the sale and reinvest it in new properties that will generate them more money.
  • Divorce – Divorces are a tough time for everyone. The only thing more stressful than custody of children is determining what will be done with the home/house. The longer the process goes the more you have to pay in lawyer fees so let us save you the hassle and give you a fair cash offer that can get divided between you and your spouse quickly and easily.

If something like this seems like what you will need for one of your websites reach out to us and let us know how we can help!